Kinkead’s Favorite Albums

Kurt and I saw the Bill Clinton records meme and had to make a post about it.

Choosing favorites is always a huge challenge for me. When it comes to things I love, I tend to get indecisive about what is really “best” when I’m looking at a group of favorites. The thing about music for me in particular is one day a certain artist might speak volumes to me and the next day is replaced by a completely different artist in a different genre. Music enjoyment for me is based on my mood and attitude, and willingness to listen completely to what I’m hearing. Those factors change so frequently that it’s tough to narrow down what are really my absolute top, top choices. Maybe it’s a bit narcissistic because part of it is I don’t want to limit myself to a few titles which define my music taste, but choices must be made! Let’s give it a shot.

In no order… my 13 favorite albums:

1.) Guero – Beck (2005)

Just because it’s number one doesn’t mean it’s my favorite, but I have listed to this album so many times I have lost count. An old family favorite for my Dad and I.

2.) Eat a Peach (Deluxe) – Allman Brothers (1972)

One of my favorite bands playing a combo of live and studio sounds in perfect harmony. Simply a few guys playing their music and playing it well.

3.) Help! – The Beatles (1965)

I think I have a moral obligation to put a Beatles album on here, and this is my favorite song for song. SO. MANY. HITS.

4.) 97′ Amsterdam – Phish (1997)

The first live album, along with NYE 95′, that my dad showed me of Phish. Led me to my first Phish show in 2010 which blew my face off. I’ve been madly in love ever since.

5.) Discovery – Daft Punk (2001)

Part of my first journey into electronic music, I watched all the music videos in sequence and knew I was witnessing something truly special. A timeless classic.

6.) Black Sands (2010) / Dial M for Monkey (2003) – Bonobo

The artist that helped kick start my love for electronic music. I downloaded this free album when I was 13 and never looked back. Thank you, Bonobo.

7.) Kind of Blue – Miles Davis (1959)

One of the best albums ever, and a top 3 for me. Perfect compositions mixed with some of the best to ever do it playing together make this a masterpiece.

8.) Aja (1977) & Countdown to Ecstasy (1973) – Steely Dan

My two favorites from the Dan. Countdown was my first record, Aja was when my love for them peaked.

9.) Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine (1992)

My FIRST ALBUM I EVER PURCHASED. The music that got me into metal, rock and blues. I owe you my life, Rage.

10.) Born Sinner – J. Cole (2013)

A tribute to my high school days, this album is a classic and Cole’s best for sure.

11.) Take My Drum to England (2005) & Corporeal (2013) – Jon Kennedy

Quickly becoming a favorite of mine, these two albums are underappreciated and absolutely brilliant compositions.

12.) Worlds – Porter Robinson (2014)

One of the few albums I’ve seen live played straight through, and boy was it a show. I’ll never forget my first Porter World’s experience.

13.) Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd (1973)

I agree with Kurt’s response below… one of the best albums ever and a defining part of my music life

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