5.) Someone Else – Rezz & Grabbitz

This collab between Rezz and Grabbitz is a match made in heaven. I admittedly had been disappointed in a few of Rezz’s previous releases, but this track destroyed any doubts I had. Rezz’s industrial influence mixed with Grabbitz’s dark punk guitar licks create a “deadmau5-esque” banger that has been on repeat since it dropped. I’ve been straying away from the heavy hitting tracks while stuck in quarantine, but this threw me right back in my dark vibes. I’m happy , but pretty sure my neighbors are not thrilled.

4.) Fiore – Rome in Silver

Rome in Silver shows absolutely zero signs of stopping. With an EP on the way in a few days, the Huntington Beach native dropped this track in mid April and it’s been making the waves around the dance music community. Intricate songwriting and sound design is a simple way to describe Rome in Silver’s approach to music. Fiore is another masterpiece that leaves you asking “how the hell does this dude even do it?!” If we had the answer, we might be the ones on the meteoric uprising he’s having.

3.) Chemicals – SG Lewis

SG Lewis delivers an indie banger just in time for summer. Chemicals lead synth drives that nostalgic yet funky vibe that’ll have you wishing you were sitting poolside vibing out with the homies instead of practicing social distancing. But please stay inside while jamming to this (for the time being) no matter how hard the vibes hit. His first single of 2020 and it being dropped on Dua Lipa’s new label, it only seems to be looking up for the British songwriter/producer.

2.) Shoes Too Tight – Liam Kazar

Who is Liam Kazar? We might find out in 2020. Shoes Too Tight is the Chicago native’s debut single and if this is what’s to come, we could be seeing a legend in the making. The indie-rock single holds some intense happy summer vibes. A friend from the windy city sent me this song saying to keep an eye on Liam’s debut and I’m glad I listended (and have a friend). For a debut, Kazar makes a massive impact with this masterpiece and a new fan out of me. I’m excited to see what’s to come.

1.) Aries (feat. Peter Hook & Georgia) – Gorillaz

When Gorillaz drops an EP or song, it’s surely going to be big news. But I was blown away and surprised by Aries. Giving off more of an indietronica vibe, Aries touches me in a special way and I’m not exactly sure why. The sad love song has been on constant repeat for me since its release. The lead guitar melody hits you with a melancholic yet familiar/comforting feeling. This song caught me pleasantly by surprise. A++.

As always, check out the top songs from April 2020 playlist below.


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