New Music Friday – Some Fresh Playlists for You

Hello and happy Friday. We did it, long weekend time. Make sure you take a decent chunk of time for yourself to sit back, relax and do EXACTLY what YOU want to do. Equally important is getting things/projects done, but I think now more than ever we have to be practicing a little more self-care. Relax yourself and take some time to enjoy what you have.

I put together a few new playlists you might be interested in:

Zoning 4 – My fourth attempt at putting together music that is both relaxing and slightly upbeat at the same time with a large electronic focus. Anything from Medasin, Bent, Khruangbin, Four Tet, Catching Flies, and more.

Bill – in honor of Bill Evans, some relaxing Jazz stuff. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Sam 5 – party music / EDM, what the kids listen to these days – more Pop focused

Good Times – music that makes me happy! Classic rock and such

Ramble Tamble – classic rock, 60s and 70s jams, Stones, etc.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, all!

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