5.) Speed Run – CloudNone

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CloudNone dropped his Lights Out EP this month and a project I stepped into with little expectations ended up blowing me away. The second I heard the chopped up piano sample at the beginning of the song, I knew “Speed Run” was going to be a special track. This groovy dance track has some heavy Japanese influences that feels like some collab Porter Robinson and Tchami did in some alternate universe. Loving this track and the whole EP. CloudNone will now be on my radar in the future.

4.) What’s The Matter – Twin Peaks, Ohmme, V.V. Lightbody

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Another Chicago band I have my Chi-Town friend to thank for the introduction, Twin Peaks has been absolutely killing it under the radar. What’s The Matter just oozes summer vibes and good times. A killer backing guitar melody drives the song through the incredibly chorus. And once the flute is introduced, it’s basically musical game over. This group is incredibly talented and even grew up as classmates with hip-hop icon Chance the Rapper. Be on the lookout as this band is prepped to make waves throughout the music world.

3.) Stratego (Mindchatter Remix) – Amtrac

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Amtrac has quickly been becoming one of my favorite artists with his killer indietronica vibes. When I saw a remix for one of his songs off his Oddyssey album, I was intrigued as to how someone could expand off his already near perfect sound. Mindchatter completely nailed it. Having not been familiar with his work previously, Mindchatter’s discography has been impressing me this month. This remix seems to have maintained that indie vibe while adding a subtle yet exciting grooves to the verses that elicit a dreamy, nostalgic atmosphere. This track has been on repeat since I first heard it and certainly will find its way into multiple playlists.

2.) Topanga State of Mind – George Clanton, Nick Hexum

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George Clanton has been one of my favorite artists since I found his incredible album Slide (2018). Since the album’s release, George Clanton has been teaming up with Nick Hexum to provide a multitude of impressive songs and EPs. Topanga State of Mind maintains that signature vaporwave Clanton sound, but ditching the darker tones for a more summer and sunshine experience. Partnering with vocalist and lead front man of the band 311 Nick Hexum may seems like a weird combination on paper, but your ears will conclude that it’s a match made in heaven. While I’m still hoping to see some solo George Clanton work in the near future, I’m perfectly content with this duo occupying my summer with their phenomenal jams.

1.) Last – Tourist, The Range

Spotify / Apple Music

The king has returned with an absolutely beautiful track that tops this month’s best songs chart by miles. The British Grammy award-winning producer teamed up with American-born producer The Range to deliver what may be a song of the year candidate. Last, according to Tourist, started as a collab project with The Range a few years ago. The track remained unnamed for a while because of a dispute between the two over whether the vocal sample was saying ‘last’ or ‘lost’. Tourist enjoyed the double interpretation the lyrics carry, but sat on releasing the song until the unfortunate and untimely passing of a close friend recently, to whom this song is dedicated to. Tourist, born William Phelps, said:

“‘Last’ to me, is a reflection on grief. I started this track with James a few years ago, and while writing it we noticed that we were hearing the lyrics differently, I was hearing ‘you know you’re lost’ whereas James was hearing ‘you know you last’. The duality of that truth resonated with me, as both meanings are applicable when someone leaves us. It’s taken on a more personal chord recently, as one of my dearest friends passed away suddenly“.

Tourist’s ability to cast emotion and beauty to his listeners through his music is one of his biggest strengths as a musician. From the very start of the track, you know you’re in for an incredible treat. His songwriting abilities are some of the best in music today as Last proves with its sentimental and passionate buildup that leads to a release of emotional drum sequence in the verse. If this song doesn’t leave you with some wet eyes and a heavy heart, I have to question whether or not you are human.

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