5.) Peur des filles L’Impératrice

You’re what the French call…L’Impératrice. Hailing from, if you couldn’t guess, France, L’Impératrice debuts on this New Year’s list. Peur des filles translates to “Fear of Girls”; something all of us might relate to. You’d think with over 6 years of French classes I wouldn’t have had to look up that translation. Song title aside, the rest of the song is in French and won’t do you the service of translating that, but will gladly dive into the tonic structure of this groovey track. Those classic French-funk vibes ooze out of your speakers. The track holds a sort of ominous feeling as the female lead singer sings, about why you should be scared of girls. A warning I do not need to be told twice.

4.) Moving Men (Metronomy Remix) Myd & Mac Demarco

I’ve always dreamed of a remix with some Mac Demarco vocals laid on top. But having tried to make it work myself, I believed his voice and style were just to unique to remix. Also the fact that his original tracks are always 10/10’s, it just seemed impossible to me. Until Metronomy stepped up that is. His Moving Men remix is the perfect approach to Myd and Mac’s track; add a sprinkle of electronica while still retaining the original power of Mac’s vocals.

3.) Naked (Georges Remix) Kraak & Smaak

Some more French vibes for ya soul here. Kraak & Smaak are some of favorites in the indie scene right now, and now they’ve helped to add the newcomer Georges to my electronic list. How and why do the French just pump out incredible music? A standard four-to-the-floor beat and using the usual French-funk sounds should get old after a while right? Apparently not cause I’m always dressed in my orange vest and camo scrolling through Spotify on the hunt for some new Francophile bangers. Smooth, concise, funky, yet some jazzy elements, Georges nails this remix and successfully places himself on the radar with my third favorite track from January.

2.) Close To You Dayglow

2020 wasn’t so bad since it got me exploring an enormous amount of new music. Dayglow was one of my favorite personal discoveries luckily catching him at seemingly the beginning of an already impressive musical career.
His Spotify discography only consists of one freshman album from 2019 (which is HEAT) and then this release to kick off the New Year. That’s it. But from the small collection he’s released it’s abundantly clear he’s something special. His goofy persona may distract you from his musical talents, but once you hit play, problems melt away into the beautifully crafted synth chord progressions, guitar rifts, and indie-crafted vocals that just perfectly mesh together. Hopefully this hints his output in 2021 is going to be a bit higher than the previous year.

1.) Look at the Sky Porter Robinson

I’m a simple man. I see Porter Robinson, he makes the top of the “Best of the Month” list. Easy as that.
2020 was supposed to be the year of Porter. Set to drop his sophomore album Nurture six years after his first album Worlds dropped, Porter fans were forced to wait again as the ever infamous COVID-19 pandemic delayed the release and found another way to break my heart. But having waited 6 years, what’s a few more months? With his release of Look at the Sky Porter also announced Nurture will be released on April 23rd (MARK YOUR CALENDARS PEOPLE).
Look at the Sky is my favorite single thus far. It feels like I’m finally understanding what Porter’s goals for this album are going to be. All the singles have featured a duet of Porter’s original vocals and his vocals ran through a vocaloid engine to sound more feminine. That higher pitched voice, I believe, is the voice in his head telling him he’s no good. Look at the Sky‘s release comes at a pretty opportune time with the New Year and the pandemic hopefully on the way out. If you want some unwarranted hope, hit play. Then wait 2.5 months for this hgihly-anticipated album to bless the world.


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