Hey, I Got Ya Some Music – What I’ve Been Jamming To

January is cold and a tad shitty. Get outside, put your headphones in and fight back. Let’s listen.

January is cold and a tad shitty. Get outside, put your headphones in and fight back.

First thing comes first, how about some music for my people! I’ll be real – I can’t summarize a whole year in one post cause it’s too much to handle. But what I can promise are weekly posts, in addition to some reccos based on what I’ve been jamming to in the recent. I like that term, in the recent. Will continue to use it. Let’s end the depravity and start with some tunes.

Few Albums, couple Playlists, several Songs of choice I’ve been loving the past few months. Everything from Bonobo, DIre Straits, Live Shows, Alex G, and plenty more.

First is a shout out to the recently deceased Sidney Poitier – the title (and closing) track to his hit film, in the Heat of the Night (Ray Charles) about a Philadelphia’s finest holmicide detective stuck solving a murder in a podunk Southern town. Check it out… and his other films too


Stevie WonderInnervisions, Talking Book, Songs in the Key of Love

We all need a little Stevie in our lives right now. Love, happiness, coming out of a tough year and pushing on to the good things in life. Not much needed to say here – just been loving the life this man brings to all of us. A Stevie song on a rainy, down day – or a happy, cheerful one – is sure to bring the love all around. Suggestion: enjoy with friends and family, or even before work in the morning to hope out of befd easier. Sorry for the excess 😉

Herbie Mann feat. Cissy Williams – Cajun Moon

Cover of a beautiful JJ Cale track that hit me with that soooooul this week.

Little Feat – Midnight Special (A Southern Rock, Folk and Soul TV Tribute Show from 77′- links below to jump around)

A beautiful tribute spearheaded by the Feat (yes, I’ve been obsessed lately) that brings in everyone from Bonnie Raitt, Jesse Winchester, Weather Report, & Neil Young in addition to Little Feat, of course.

Jump around through this one and I guarantee you’ll find something you love. Heavy influences resonate on folk, blues, jazz, rock & roll, and Southern Soul. Suggest you check out:

  • 4:45 Dixie Chicken – Little Feat
  • 8:18 Runaway – Bonnie Raitt
  • 12:40 Rhumba Man – Jesse Winchester
  • 16:06 Like a Hurricane – Neil Young
  • 25:25 Old Folks Boogie – Little Feat
  • 32:38 Birdland – Weather Report
  • 38:04 Home – Bonnie Raitt
  • 41:51 Nothing But a Breeze – Jesse & Emmylou
  • 46:22 Rocket in My Pocket – Little Feat
  • 1:02:17 Rock and Roll Doctor – Little Feat

Bonobo – Fragments

This album is completely, outrageously good. Combining that signature Bonobo sound that nobody seems to replicate or dares to tread near, but brings in some absolutely vibing, club house beats that make it both energetic, fun, and calming in some kind of incredible amalgamation of fun, joyful, mysterious, mythical style that we have come to know and love. It’s not only an innovation on his earlier style to some degree, but a beautiful show-stopping display and reminder of who is the king of his domain. That domain is one in its own.

Dire Straits First album: Dire Straits

Second: Comuniqué

Final: Brothers in Arms


Mark Knopfler is a legend and admittedly I disregarded his upbringing for reasons beyond my understanding up until now. This man not only shreds but this album is absolutely one of the best rock albums I have ever heard. Maybe you’ve heard Sultans, but I highly suggest a listen through from beginning to end. Highly under-appreciated (well not really he has millions of plays).

What you get: A unique sound that transcends space and time, but brings a sincere, groovy twang. Like someone with a sitar is sitting in the back of the recording studio smoking cigs the whole time. Every song on their first album is not just good, its fucking terrific. 11/10

Down to the Waterline, Six Blade Knife (personal favorite), In the Gallery, Wild West End = where to begin.

How about a little dad music to show pops you have a little something something to share round the dinner table between beers this winter season. Easy win.

Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5CPsssPOcw&list=PLF44979EAAC9BA42C

Great show for Dire Straits in 85, for your musical cherry on top.


Relaxing, melodic, introspective and dreamy is how I’d describe BANYK and his newest album release. Check out some of this here, I like you enjoy the calmness we all need this time of year as the world gets wilder and wilder…

Rufus Du Sol – Paradise

We’re not hiding our love for Rufus DS, who has exploded in popularity this past year and even in 2020 a bit. But they really come into their own in this heavy-hitting, melodic fantasy ride we are coming to know and love the more they put out to grace the public. Some favorites below include Surrender, Alive and Always.


An indie talent with wheels that just keep rolling, and fans dying for new music. Trick is a particularly lengthy 16-track exploration, Beach Sounds a little less, incorporating not only the sincere, recognizable Alex G vocalizations, but is more meant to be an introduction to the mellow, etherial guitar melodies, synthesizers, occasional metallic riffs, mellow drum-kit that brings such a lovely signature sound I have come to know and love since my friends brought him into my life a few years back. I am grateful for those friends.

For his more popular, check out the magical HOUSE OF SUGAR. And my favorite of all his music: Southern Sky.

It’s the mysterious, dreamscapes he paints keep me coming back, time and time again. Maybe it’ll keep you thinking back on these beauties too.

Samia – Big Wheel (2021) – from album The Baby; also see Scout (EP)

She gets off track for me a bit, too preachy at times but an outstanding voice that lingers for days after.

Her most recent EP Scout was released in 2021. Here’s my favorite from the batch, The Promise:

The Supremes – Love is Like an Itching in My Heart

Made me unreasonably happy today hearing this…

Could write for hours but heres somewhere to get yourselves going.

Send me what you’ve been enjoying, this monthtoo.

Lots of love to everyone out there, just livin’.


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