What We're Listening To

Hand picked songs, fresh off the vine, for your listening pleasure. This is what we are listening to currently.

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Kurated by Kurt
Continuously updated collection of 100 of Kurt’s current favorite jams
Feelin Fine
Not everything is ideal right now, but this will make you feel better. These songs are some of my favorites
Hash Selects
Curated selections, pieced together for my roommate, Hash.
Zoning 5
Synthwave, lo-fi, chillin and a little hip-hop


A soundtrack to you sitting on the couch and doing nothing for awhile. Or waking up sloooow.
Chill – The Cool Dad’s Playlist
The playlist a cool dad is sure to love
Funk Breath
The classics, plus more funky materials for your brain.
Funk – What’s That Smell?
I cook to this. Jazz focused with some classics. Homage to the late great Bob Kinkead.


Old sounds of the future.

Ramble Tamble

Oldies, but goodies.

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