NMF: WEEK OF JULY 11th – 17th, 2020



1.) DesireBob Moses & ZHU
[Deep House / Electronic]

The first single of Bob Moses’ upcoming album. The collab with ZHU is breathtaking and even comes with an interactive music video which can be found here.

2.) Friends Rome in Silver, Chae

Get familiar with this dude cause I’ll be posting him a lot. Incredible production from the Huntington Beach native with amazing vocals provided by Chae.

3.) Note To Self (feat, Empress Of) Jim-E Stack

Jim-E Stack is a producer legend and delivers on this hopeful yet nostalgic piece. Check out his entire discography and prepare to be impressed.

4.) twenty20 Maxime

Maxime is an artist I’ve been closely following since I discovered him. Every release has been more impressive than the last. The Canadian is scheduled to release a new album in late-2020 we’re excited to hear

5.) When You’re Dreaming Kaskade & Finnstagram

Kaskade, who sits atop dance music Mt. Rushmore, dropped an unexpected but incredible Lo-Fi track with Finnstagram.

6.) Answers Au5

Au5 bringing the heat and funk all in one track. Incredibly diverse yet still organized and satisfying, this song will surely be on repeat for some time to come.

7.) Run Lane 8 & Kasablanca
[Melodic House]

One of my favorite house producers, it’s almost a guarantee that any Lane 8 song is going to be incredible. And as usual, the Colorado native delivers teaming up with Kasablanca for a house hit.

8.) Get Your Wish (Anamanaguchi Remix) Porter Robinson
[Indietronica / Alternative]

While fans were a bit disappointed it wasn’t a new Porter Robinson single dropped on Wednesday for Porter’s birthday, the Anamanaguchi remix of “Get Your Wish” is a fantastic consolation prize. The group from New York are experts in creating electronic rock (not even sure that’s a true genre) and always show the edges music can be taken to. Check out their incredible Secret Sky Set on YouTube!

9.) Rain On Me (Purple Disco Machine Remix)Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

Purple Disco Machine has been murdering the remix scene lately, giving funky disco house makeovers to songs you never knew you needed. Lady Gaga’s most recent album did a fantastic job bridging the gap between commercial pop and dance music, but PDM gives dance music fans that little extra push to perfection.

10.) Tear It UpEliminate & Shaquille O’Neal

Yes you read that correctly. Shaquille O’Neal has ditched the basketball and picked up CDJs under the name DJ Diesel over the last couple years. He’s even DJ’d legendary festival Tommorrowland spinning to the excited, yet understandably confused European crowd. But all credit here should be going to Eliminate who, in my opinion, is near the top of the Bass Music producers list. The LA based bass producer has the ability to create diverse projects while still retaining that signature “Eliminate” sound. Great move adding Shaq into his song to get some exposure and this music video is A+.


1.) Ugly Is BeautifulOliver Tree
[Alternative Rock / Pop Rock]

After a few album delays, fans weren’t sure if we’d ever see the release of Oliver’s first album. But patience has paid off and Oliver has exceeded all expectations. Oliver Tree’s style is incredibly unique, blending multiple genres into a cohesive masterpiece. Don’t think that his goofy persona means he makes goofy music. This album is a showcase of impressive musical talent with top notch production that will hook you from start to finish. I’ve already listened to it multiple times through.

2.) Brightest Blue – Ellie Goulding

Ellie will always have a special place in my heart as a dance music fan for the many times she’s lent her voice to some of EDM’s biggest names. But Goulding is probably bigger than each of those artists now. Even my mom knew who she was when she performed at half-time for the Cowboys Thanksgiving Day game. And today, she’s proved yet again why she’s one of music’s biggest stars. Goulding is uncompromisable. She has a vision and makes what she wants, which is rare today in the industry from such a big act. Brightest Blue proves yet again why she’s on top.

3.) Infinite Structure EP – Shadient
[Experimental Bass]

Shadient skyrocketed to the top of the bass scene within the last few years after deservingly garnering the attention of top producers like Porter Robinson, NGHTMRE, and more. Experimental bass is a pretty broad term, but just by listening to this three song EP, you’ll completely understand what that genre means. Crazy sounds perfectly placed to create a soundscape you’ve never heard and probably will never hear again. This is just the tip of the iceberg for the 21 year old London native, so be on the lookout. Check out his recent Reddit AMA to learn more about the producer extraordinaire.

4.) The Light Pack EP Joey Bada$$

This EP feels like a breath of fresh air for the hip-hop scene. Joey even states it’s “the mumble rap extermination”, which I’m completely on board with. My only critic is that it’s only three songs and leaves me wanting more. The instrumentals give me a 90s hip-hop vibe and with Joey’s incredible voice, flow, and lyrics, it’s a recipe for one hell of an EP.

5.) Delta / Bartok EP – Nora En Pure
[Melodic House]

If you haven’t heard of Nora En Pure, prepare for an introspective experience with this highly anticipated two song EP. Don’t let her beauty fool you. The South African native is a trend setter in the dance music scene and knows how to get you shuffling while simultaneously crying your eyes out.

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