NMF: WEEK OF AUGUST 8th – 14th, 2020


1.) Shepherdess – SheHealsEverything (2016) Porter Robinson

Wow. I’d say I was speechless if I didn’t have to write a little section here. August 12th was the 6th Anniversary of his first album Worlds and Porter blessed his fans with quite possibly the greatest birthday gift ever. “Shepherdess/She Heals Everything” is a live edit previously only heard at Worlds live shows. For the last 4 years, fans have desperately tried to find a full auto quality file of it, even going as far as to remake the song, with zero success. To the surprise of every single human being, Porter released it on SoundCloud with a full quality download. I could not be happier. For the last few years, I’ve told everyone about this special track. It is, in my opinion, the most beautiful song ever created. These feelings and opinions stem largely in part to the visuals and vibes you experience at the live show, so I’ve included a video of it at his Second Sky performance last year. This song will be on replay most likely for the rest of my life. A 10/10 song that will leave you crying and headbanging all at the same time.

2.) The Prince Madeon

New Madeon AND Porter Songs this week?! I’d call this week one of the bests for music within the last few months. A continuation of the Good Faith era, The Prince sounds like it was too dark and moody for Madeon’s sophomore album, but definitely fits the vibe. Taking some synthwave influence with his signature Madeon vocals, drums, and synths, this song should be simply labeled as “epic”. It’s a guaranteed pump up track. After debuting it at Porter’s festival Second Sky in 2019, I’ve been bumping the low quality of this for over a year now. I’ve prayed to my French God Madeon for this release, and he delivered.

3.) escape Jaron

I’ve been following Jaron for about 3 years now ever since Madeon (see a trend in this top 3?) would play his song “Sonder” in his sets. Also forgot to mention that Jaron is CURRENTLY 17 YEARS OLD. So if my math is correct, I’ve been following him since he was 14. How in the world so much talent is contained in this kid is possible, I will never know. But I’m happy it is. “escape” is another masterpiece from the wonderboy. The music video is oddly similar to Porter’s “Get Your Wish” music video, but the song is just a production treasure. Jaron has this incredible ability of making his synths and supersaws sound massive while still light and airy. At only 17, the world is Jaron’s oyster and if he continues this impressive trend, we’ll be treated to some of the best produced music for years and years to come.

4.) Sweet Summer Sweat (feat. Dijon) Jim-E Stack

One of the top producer’s in the world at the moment, Jim-E Stack has been dropping some fire lately. The follow-up of his previosu single “Note To Self”, “Sweet Summer Sweat” is a beautifully crafted summer-single with a catchy guitar hook and vocals borrowed from the talented Dijon. Will be bumping this on the beach (once COVID will let me) while simultaneously sweating.

5.) Why Do We Shake In The Cold? Elderbrook

A brand new song off his debut album “Why Do We Shake When It’s Cold?” set to be released September 4th, if the album-titled single is a foreshadow of what to expect off the album, we’re in for a treat. Elderbrook has quickly become one of my favorite dance-house producers as of late. “Why Do We Shake When It’s Cold?” provides another hauntingly beautiful vibe that Elderbrook seems to have perfected. Excited for the album release!

6.) Chicane QUIX & Juelz

Throwin’ in a heavier one for y’all. I try to limit posting my “scrambled eggs brain” music on here since I know it’s not the most popular among the general public, but I couldn’t resist with this QUIX and Juelz collab. QUIX is so damn good at producing such clean yet heavy mixes it’s absurd. And the RL Grime protege Juelz knows the formula for epic breakdowns. This banger is a collab made in heaven. Be sure to wear your neck break when listening.

7.) Buggy Yotto & Lane 8

I feel like it’d be weird to have a NMF without seeing either Yotto or Lane 8’s name on the list. The two have been consistently pumping out songs throughout 2020 with zero loss of production quality. In fact, they may continuously be getting better. “Buggy” is a melodic house journey that’ll take you deep inside your soul. The perfect song to vibe out to or drive around. Yotto and Lane 8 quite literally always deliver.

8.) Zeit & Raum Ben Böhmer

Another familiar name to NMF (and in the same “house” club as the previously mentioned Yotto and Lane 8), Ben Böhmer’s newest single is absolutely phenomenal. What are these melodic house dudes drinking cause they’ve just been pumping out quality for the last few years and show no signs of slowing down. “Zeit & Raum” is a gorgeous tune, with horns driving the melody throughout the song and that signature slappy Ben kick. Loving this tune.

8.) FleshNet Eprom
[Experimental Bass]

Eprom has been blowing up in the scene recently for good reason. His production skills are incredible, having the ability to cleanly create such complicated yet coherent mixes. He sits atop the experimental bass scene with friend G Jones creating complex sounds neatly arranged into musical numbers (somehow). For those curious about the experimental bass scene, “FleshNet” is a decent place to start. Killer 808’s & subs that’ll shake you to the core and eerie detuned synths to make feel uncomfortable, yet wanting to dance your little white collar ass off.

10.) Outta Here RL Grime & Whethan

Two dudes who need no introduction, I was pumped for this collab when I heard the announcement. Being completely honest, I’m a tad disappointed. It’s not bad by any means, but there’s nothing special about the track considering the two names pasted on it. Five years ago this track would’ve been a chart topper. Today, I fear it’ll get lost in the over-saturated trap anthem club. Not terrible, but I expected a whole lot more from these two.


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