Our Favorite Movies of 2020: Part 1

2020 was a weird fucking year. Fortunately, it opened up plenty of time to watch some movies here and there. Of course, the issues being: many major releases were delayed, studios had nowhere to distribute their content aside from streaming services (fine but not ideal), movie theaters closed (many permanently), jobs were lost, projects abandoned,Continue reading “Our Favorite Movies of 2020: Part 1”

Ari Aster: Already A Legend with Only Two Films

I was first introduced to the Sophomore director, Ari Aster, with Hereditary a few years back in 2018. I have definitely stepped up my horror game in the past few years, which is for a variety of reasons. Mostly as a result of Sam and myself being incredibly into psychological thrillers, which led into aContinue reading “Ari Aster: Already A Legend with Only Two Films”

May Weekend Flicks: What I’ve Watched Lately (Part 1)

Finally I found some time to sit down and watch a few movies. Several of these are horror/thrillers which Sam and I watch regularly, others are a nice blend of animation, action, and drama films. films and a some very recent productions added up to some quality May film viewings. I’ll continue adding to thisContinue reading “May Weekend Flicks: What I’ve Watched Lately (Part 1)”

April Weekend Flicks – What I’ve Watched Lately

We can all agree its a great time to sit around and watch a film or two. With all this extra indoor time on our hands. I was planning on hiking, but we got another 8in. of snow Thursday night in Maine – so, more movies for me. Here’s what I had watched in theContinue reading “April Weekend Flicks – What I’ve Watched Lately”