5.) Revival SMLE & Just A Gent

This SMLE and Just A Gent collab is just a straight up fun dance track. Minimal but complicated. It seems like they just combined the funnest sounds they could find and expertly arranged them into this track.

4.) Daylight Joji & Diplo

In my opinion, one of the top hip-hop/pop artists in the industry right now, Joji teams up with legend Diplo for this masterpiece of a track. The catchy chorus with Joji’s impressive vocals layered over an emotional instrumental will have you swaying your head back and forth while the tears flow down your face. Gasolina song.

3.) The Prince Madeon

The Frenchmen brought the heat on his first single since the release of his sophomore album Good Faith. While not as dark as his Celine EP which was ripped from vinyl earlier this week, The Prince is an intense downtempo track that’ll get that heartbeat pumping.

2.) escape jaron

The 17 year old electronic protege kills it with this massive single. Jaron’s been on the radar for a few years now; which is a wild thing to say at just 17. Getting discovered at 14 by the likes of San Holo and Madeon certainly helps, but if Jaron can keep up delivering these incredible tracks, he’ll be around for a long time to come.

1.) Mirror Porter Robinson

You shocked Porter is topping this list? The third single from his upcoming album Nurture and, in my opinion, the best we’ve heard. Porter describes the meaning of the track and some further insight on the album as a whole in this amazing interview. I have not been able to stop bumping this beautiful song.


5.) Desire Bob Moses

Throw this album on if you’re in a melancholic mood. It feels like an example of what would happen if Deadmau5 and Rufus Du Sol collabed on an album. The Canadian duo had a lot of expectations for this record, and they absolutely checked all the boxes.

4.) Poom Gems Hudson Mohawke

Okay hear me out. Give this album a chance please. The opening track All I Need may trigger your ADHD and turn you off, but just survive until Solstice Izo and you’ll fall in love. The producer legend returns with his second album of 2020 and I’ve had it on replay since its release. If you don’t think you know who Hudson Mohawke is, you more than likely have heard at least five songs he’s made. Forming the famous trap duo TNGHT and producing for legends like Kanye West, Drake, Lil Wayne, just to name a few, he’s no stranger to the spotlight.

3.) ENERGY Disclosure

The British boys are back with another heater of a record. While some tracks I feel fall short on the album, there are some house anthems on here that’ll quickly become staples in the house scene. I would’ve liked to see the album be a bit more cohesive as it feels kind of all over the place in terms of song placement, but I’m just happy we have new Disclosure to critic them too much.

2.) 7G A.G. Cook

7 discs. Almost 2 hours and 40 minutes of songs. 7G is almost more of a collection than it is an albums. It has original songs, remixes, and covers of pop hits, including an incredibly strange cover of Sia’s hit song Chandelier. A.G. Cook is the creator of the PC Music collective, and even produces most of Charli XCX’s records. Another dude on this list with his second album of 2020, except this one has 49 songs on it. Do your best to sit through cause it’s a treat.


Odesza x Golden Features is a match made in heaven. I wasn’t sure what this album was going to hold when I first heard of the collab, but it absolutely exceed expectations. Dark and melancholic, which is a change-up from the normal Odesza vibes, BRONSON makes me wish live shows were back so we could see these guys tour together.

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