NEW MUSIC: Madeon – Celine EP (12122017)

Back in 2017, sandwiched between the Adventure and Good Faith eras of Madeon’s impressive electronic music reign, the French music producer had hit a wall. Writer’s block for musicians can feel like then end of the world. During this period, Madeon said that music made him “feel nothing”, which is a far cry from the lush, complex, and emotion provoking music he’s known to create. So while most musicians would take a step back to reevaluate their purpose and direction, what did Madeon do? Well on 12/12/2017 (making the EP appropriately named), he sat in front of his DAW and created music for 24 hours out of pure anger. The Celine EP is the product of that session.

While he may have never had the intentions of releasing this project during its creation, Madeon has taken to the internet after releasing is critically acclaimed sophomore album Good Faith (2019) to open up and expose some of his deep rooted insecurities. But fans had to work for this one. The release and discovery of the EP was hidden within lines of code that Madeon fans sifted through for months to discover the meaning behind the mysterious word “Celine”.

It’s quite clear this EP came from deep rooted anger as this is the darkest work we’ve ever seen from Madeon. It’s what I’d imagine his work would be if he tried to replicate the dark industrial techno vibes of the legend Gesaffelstein. Seeing this live would be a treat. So would actually holding a physical copy of the vinyl, the only medium Madeon released this project on. But alas, that is seeming to be only a dream as the musician only released 200 of the physical records to the public. Already on, the cheapest resale will run you $750 (someone even listing it for $100 million which is completely absurd). But have no fear (no more), lucky fans who received the record have generously ripped the vinyl and posted it on YouTube for all to hear. Check it out above!

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