What I’ve Been Listening to Lately: December

Happy End of 2020! Sharing some of my favorites from the last month or so to close out the year. Hopefully this brings a little joy to your holiday season. Happy Holidays to all you wonderful people.


Ta-Ku | Notice – Moods Remix : That groove funk with a heavy bass beat and echo-y vocals… some classic Ta-Ku here with a more than delicious remix from Moods which has become the regular these days.

Washed Out – Too Late – Marvelous music video from Washed Out which is definitely my favorite of the year so far. They were able to combine clips from all over the country in this overlay pattern that works so seamlessly with the song. Oh, and the song is beautiful. Feels something like a dreamy, melodic cruise down the PCH that reminded me of Malibu or something.

Com Truise – In Decay Too (Album) + Stress : Excellent new album from Com Truise who just continues to churn out great work. This album contains a lot of finished demos that had me thinking I had heard some of them somewhere before… Also check out his release “Stresswhich is an awesome EP release that came in the past few weeks .

Pierce Fulton, Aspetuck – Nest to the Back (& Back to the Nest) : Fun, two song EP from Mr. Fulton and Aspetuck. Upbeat, future house bass melodic non-aggressive cheese. Yum.

Tycho – No Stress : A cool, live music video from Tycho, the master of chill – work music and relaxation music. Check out his albums as well, particularly Simulcast.

Shigeto – Detroit Part 1 : A harmonious blend of tribal chimes, drums and synths. An oldie but a goodie.

– Alternative —

TOLEDO – Hotstuff (EP) : Outstanding random find these past couple weeks. Whole album is particularly good. Something like Beach Fossils meets Real Estate, in the best possible way.

Dope Lemon – Kids Fallin In Love : Dope Lemon is a strange dude, indeed. But he deserves his due with a handful of hidden gems here and there. This recent release is an awesome, mellow but upbeat track that will have you bobbing your head and cracking a smile.

Bibio – Old Graffiti, Spruce Tops, Odd Lips : Bibio is just excellent. I couldn’t find a video for Spruce Tops in particular. But his new album Hand Cranked I have just started exploring (and enjoying), includes Odd Lips and Cantaloupe Carousel. Give him a listen, and if you aren’t familiar with his past work, dig a little deeper and you’ll find something you like, surely.

Blues, Rock & Folk

J.J. Cale – Travelin’ Light & After Midnight : Been really enjoying Mr. Cale this past month, and didn’t realize what a prolific songwriter he was (Cocaine and After Midnight by Clapton and Garcia were his songs which went on to be massive successes). Never anything flashy – you can watch him on stage – but his sound is always on point and he knows how to just make it work, in the coolest way possible. So relaxed in his playing.

J.J. Cale, Eric Clapton, Trucks, Bramhall – Cocaine : Written originally by J.J. Cale, this live production with some guitar legends and Eric C. is just a fantastic piece of work.

Mac Demarco – Here Comes the Other Cowboy Demos (See Dave, Out Of My Head, Very Spooky) : I preferred this demo tape to his first, which I also preferred to Here Comes the Cowboy. But, I digress. A few nice gems on both demo tapes worth taking a listen to. Boy would I love a new Mac album, right now…

Billy Strings – Lonely Midnight Waltz & Watson Blues: Been loving Billy these past few months along. This is a nice, slowed down piece along with Watson Blues that just makes you feel right at home in deep southern country. Explore explore explore this man’s live portfolio!

Gary Clark Junior3 O’ Clock Blues (Live) : A fantastic rendition of an excellent song. Really been loving his heavy handed, Jimi-like soloing lately. Incredible voice, as well.

Jerry Garcia & David Grisman – Been All Around This World : Just some classic, happy-times Jerry and David, making us smile.

Thanks for listening!

Have any suggestions? Send em’ through and let us know what you’ve been enjoying as well.

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