Hey, I Got Ya Some Music – What I’ve Been Jamming To

January is cold and a tad shitty. Get outside, put your headphones in and fight back. Let’s listen. First thing comes first, how about some music for my people! I’ll be real – I can’t summarize a whole year in one post cause it’s too much to handle. But what I can promise are weeklyContinue reading “Hey, I Got Ya Some Music – What I’ve Been Jamming To”

Friday Quick and Dirty: Recent Concerts and Commentary

The doors opened, tickets were purchased, and the lady, the boys, fam, and I were able to hit a handful of shows in the past few months. Masks up, gents. Then grab a beer so you can sing along. TRIED TO GRAB CLIPS FROM ALL THE SHOWS! Billy Strings (Wang Theater, Boston): I’d been waitingContinue reading “Friday Quick and Dirty: Recent Concerts and Commentary”

PSA: We’re Back, Let’s Chat About 2021-22

And what an absurd year it’s been, for all of us – indeed.. I apologize first and foremost for the 20 or so people who read this (and note I said commemorate and not “look back fondly on”, “celebrate”, or even “recap”. Because for lords sake it has been a year of ups, downs, lateralsContinue reading “PSA: We’re Back, Let’s Chat About 2021-22”

NEW MUSIC: Nurture by Porter Robinson

Nearly six and a half years of waiting ended as the clock struck midnight on Friday April 23rd, 2021 when the North Carolina native Porter Robinson released his highly anticipated sophomore album Nurture. Set to be released in the final quarter of 2020, the album’s release date was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. ButContinue reading “NEW MUSIC: Nurture by Porter Robinson”

The Quiet Revival of the Orchestra

Written by the great Fred “Freddy” Bower – New York City, NY, just for us this April 2021. Listen up. The music of the most recent decades is overflowing with innovation.  Rap and hip-hop styles push the boundaries of what we ever expected the genre would be on a near weekly basis and electronic musicContinue reading “The Quiet Revival of the Orchestra”


TOP 5 SONGS OF THE MONTH 5.) Peur des filles – L’Impératrice[Indie-Alternative] You’re what the French call…L’Impératrice. Hailing from, if you couldn’t guess, France, L’Impératrice debuts on this New Year’s list. Peur des filles translates to “Fear of Girls”; something all of us might relate to. You’d think with over 6 years of French classesContinue reading “BEST OF JANUARY 2021: TOP 5 SONGS OF THE MONTH”

We’re Finalizing the Beats & Blockbusters Best of 2020 List: Movies and Music – want to share your opinions?

Coming in (hopefully) the next week, we will have a few fun items to share with y’all – both a playlist (in Spotify, with some commentary here) and a list of all of our favorite movies we saw in 2020, ranked (excluding those I’ve already commented on). We’ve been working away to a nearly finishedContinue reading “We’re Finalizing the Beats & Blockbusters Best of 2020 List: Movies and Music – want to share your opinions?”


CLICK HERE TO JUMP TO TOP ALBUMS OF THE MONTH TOP 5 SONGS OF THE MONTH 5.) Something Beautiful – Max Styler[House] Kicking this hell of a music month off with a little house/disco vibes. Max Styler has been making moves this year, dropping his sophomore album Body High back in April on RL Grime’sContinue reading “BEST OF NOVEMBER 2020: TOP 5’S OF THE MONTH”

I Polled the Fam On Their Music & Movie Preferences…

I had week and a half here over Christmas break to spend some good quality time hanging with my family. We’re viscous gamers and competition levels have been high from the pool table to Scattegories. But – we do share many similar interests when it comes to movies and music (for the most part), soContinue reading “I Polled the Fam On Their Music & Movie Preferences…”