Winter 2019 Concert Review: White Denim

White Denim – Everything you want in a rock band. Genre: Alternative Rock. Composition: Guitar/Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keys. Venue: Paradise Rock Club White Denim is an alternative rock band based our of Austin, Texas (a place I really need to check out) who has been around since 2006. This show was a real treat, oneContinue reading “Winter 2019 Concert Review: White Denim”

A Super Bowl Rundown: Why James Bond is the Real Takeaway

Superbowl Halftime Shows aren’t really music. There are exceptions, of course, but it’s more of a showcase. And boy, was last night a showcase. As in, that was borderline pornographic. I have no doubt parents were horrified. But admittedly, it was a really, really good performance. Like the rest of my friends, I was prettyContinue reading “A Super Bowl Rundown: Why James Bond is the Real Takeaway”