April Weekend Flicks – What I’ve Watched Lately

We can all agree its a great time to sit around and watch a film or two. With all this extra indoor time on our hands. I was planning on hiking, but we got another 8in. of snow Thursday night in Maine – so, more movies for me. Here’s what I had watched in theContinue reading “April Weekend Flicks – What I’ve Watched Lately”

New Music Friday (April 10th): Goose, Gorillaz and Anderson Paak

Hello my people. I’d imagine your week went as strange as mine given our current situation under quarantine. Thank god we still have good jams out there to keep us occupied and feeling good. To be honest, been completely slammed with work to the point where I had to delay this a day, but it’sContinue reading “New Music Friday (April 10th): Goose, Gorillaz and Anderson Paak”

Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks – Making top 10s can be hard

There is really nothing better than when a director’s music selection fits perfectly with the content on the screen. Music has a way of making normal scenes seem surreal, turning characters into rockstars, and turning simple moments into unforgettable ones. That is because music helps us associate emotion and mood with a particular scene –Continue reading “Our Favorite Movie Soundtracks – Making top 10s can be hard”

New Music Friday (April 3rd): Mapache, Real Estate and Allmans

I wasn’t intending to make this on a Friday, but now that it has a title it will be a recurring thing! This will be an opportunity to point out some new albums that have come out in the past few weeks and dive into some things I have been listening to recently. 1. NEWContinue reading “New Music Friday (April 3rd): Mapache, Real Estate and Allmans”

Reflecting on Our Current Situation

I wanted to comment briefly on COVID-19 and how it is affecting us. By this, I mean our new lifestyle: working remotely, living strictly at our own homes, and venturing into the outside world only every once in a great while. There is no doubt about it – it isn’t ideal. In fact, it honestlyContinue reading “Reflecting on Our Current Situation”

My 3 Favorite Apocalypse and Post-Apocalyptic Films: Coronavirus Edition

Hello fellow Coronavirus survivors. Has there been a better time to talk about the end of the world? In my life, I doubt it. So, as I figure many of you are home-locked and likely couch-locked, this is a great opportunity to share some of the more well- done and wonderfully created doomsday scenarios thatContinue reading “My 3 Favorite Apocalypse and Post-Apocalyptic Films: Coronavirus Edition”

Winter EDM Review: Deadmau5 and Madeon

While I have some extra time at home given the current situation with COVID-19, I find myself with some extra time to work on getting this blog started. A part of this is catching up on the recent shows I’ve seen and documenting them in some way. I’ve been wanting to recap the two ofContinue reading “Winter EDM Review: Deadmau5 and Madeon”

Concert Review: Circles Around the Sun

I had the pleasure of attending a Circles show at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on Monday. I was definitely looking forward to this as I’ve been a big fan of their studio work and many of their songs have found their way onto my playlists. Started originally by the fantastic guitarist Neal Casal, whoContinue reading “Concert Review: Circles Around the Sun”

Winter 2019-2020 Concert Reviews: Mapache, Allah-Las, and Beach Fossils

I’m still catching up on a few shows I saw in late 2019 and early 2020, so in revisiting these I’m hoping to touch on what made them interesting or not so much. Mapache came first as an opener for Allah-Las. It was one of those $15 midweek shows, so pretty hard to resist. WeContinue reading “Winter 2019-2020 Concert Reviews: Mapache, Allah-Las, and Beach Fossils”

Winter 2019 Concert Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band

I’ll make this short. I love TTB. Derek Trucks is my favorite living guitarist currently along with Trey. Accompanied by a full band, complete with horns, drums, backup vocals, keys, and the lovely Susan Tedeschi (who deserves the stage in her own right – and has) – this is about as good a full musicalContinue reading “Winter 2019 Concert Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band”