PSA: We’re Back, Let’s Chat About 2021-22

And what an absurd year it’s been, for all of us – indeed.. I apologize first and foremost for the 20 or so people who read this (and note I said commemorate and not “look back fondly on”, “celebrate”, or even “recap”. Because for lords sake it has been a year of ups, downs, lateralsContinue reading “PSA: We’re Back, Let’s Chat About 2021-22”

Concert Review: Circles Around the Sun

I had the pleasure of attending a Circles show at the Sinclair in Cambridge, MA on Monday. I was definitely looking forward to this as I’ve been a big fan of their studio work and many of their songs have found their way onto my playlists. Started originally by the fantastic guitarist Neal Casal, whoContinue reading “Concert Review: Circles Around the Sun”

Winter 2019-2020 Concert Reviews: Mapache, Allah-Las, and Beach Fossils

I’m still catching up on a few shows I saw in late 2019 and early 2020, so in revisiting these I’m hoping to touch on what made them interesting or not so much. Mapache came first as an opener for Allah-Las. It was one of those $15 midweek shows, so pretty hard to resist. WeContinue reading “Winter 2019-2020 Concert Reviews: Mapache, Allah-Las, and Beach Fossils”

Winter 2019 Concert Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band

I’ll make this short. I love TTB. Derek Trucks is my favorite living guitarist currently along with Trey. Accompanied by a full band, complete with horns, drums, backup vocals, keys, and the lovely Susan Tedeschi (who deserves the stage in her own right – and has) – this is about as good a full musicalContinue reading “Winter 2019 Concert Review: Tedeschi Trucks Band”

Winter 2019 Concert Review: White Denim

White Denim – Everything you want in a rock band. Genre: Alternative Rock. Composition: Guitar/Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keys. Venue: Paradise Rock Club White Denim is an alternative rock band based our of Austin, Texas (a place I really need to check out) who has been around since 2006. This show was a real treat, oneContinue reading “Winter 2019 Concert Review: White Denim”