Kurt’s Favorite Albums

I tried my best to organize this in a proper ranking. The Top 4 are pretty set in stone, but my album rankings change depending on the day. Alas, see for yourself my selections and come find and fight me if you disagree…

1.) Worlds – Porter Robinson (2014)

My personal favorite album of all time and simply a masterpiece that changed electronic music forever. I can distinctly remember the exact moment I sat down to listen to the album through for the first time and Divinity started playing. I immediately new it would be something special.

2.) Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles (1967)

You can argue which Beatles’s album is the best, but you cannot deny that Sgt. Pepper’s revolutionized the way music is listened to and made. I’ve grown up with this album (thanks Dad) and every single time I listen through, it’s like I’m listening to it for the first time.

3.) Skin – Flume (2016)

While Skin may not be considered his best work by most Flume fans, this is my personal favorite and it’s one of the most hauntingly beautiful albums to ever be created. Maybe it was the timing of the release that resonated with everything that was going on in my life, but every time I listen through this album, I’m left inspired and refreshed.

4.) Parcels – Parcels (2018)

I was introduced to Parcels a few weeks before this self-titled album was released and have been obsessed ever since. The Aussie band are some of the best songwriters I’ve heard since The Beatles and it seems they have only just begun. Funky, chill, dancey. All adjectives that embody this very special band . They’re also dropping a live album on April 30th, 2020!

5.) 2 – Mac Demarco (2012)

HE’s not named the “Prince of Indie-Rock” for nothing. Mac is a special artist in that his main focus is creating art that’s true to him; he’s not chasing a paycheck. 2 was Mac’s first work I was introduced to. And it’s one of those albums you put on to listen to a song and 40 minutes later, you’ve listened to the whole thing.

6.) Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape) – Flume (2019)

Flume returned in 2019 with an experimental, yet absolutely incredible album. If you’re prepared for some intentionally weird yet perfectly placed sounds, this album will change the way you see music. It”s meant to be listened through it’s entirety and even came accompanied with a visualizer with some really cool visual art and landscapes. If you couldn’t tell, I love Flume,

7.) Music From Big Pink – The Band (1968)

Simply named “The Band”, it’s appropriate that they can be considered one of the greatest band to ever bless this great Earth. Music From Big Pink was written and recorded in the basement of a pink house in little Woodstock, NY with legend Bob Dylan. What rose from that basement was a band…THE Band. As well as a collection of some of musics’ greatest recordings.

8.) Wild – Tourist (2019)

Tourist is one of my favorite producers, so it was hard to decide which of his albums to pick since Wild, U, & Everyday are all near perfect albums. But Wild delivered a very special vibe and feeling that hit me on a personal level. The Grammy Award winning producer is brilliantly genius.

9.) Anicca – Teebs (2019)

Beautiful vibes and fantastically produced, Teebs delivers a timeless masterpiece with his most recent album.

10.) The Band – The Band (1969)

The Band makes a return to the list probably to no surprise. I have to thank my father for some of my musical tastes. I have distinct memories of listening to this record as a kid and singing and dancing along with my Dad in the living room. The self-titled album was The Band’s follow up to Music From Big Pink and is another example of why they are considered as great as they are.

11.) 99.9% – Kaytranada (2016)

All I’m going to say is if you haven’t listened to this album yet, do yourself a favor and put it on right now. Kay is a modern legend.

12.) Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd (1973)

This album has hit me personally multiple times for a variety of reasons. I won’t go into detail, but with minimal detective work I’m sure you can figure it out. As cliche as it is, this album is truly a masterpiece.

13.) Cross – Justice (2007)

Show me a better intro song to an album and I’ll hand you a mirror to show you a filthy liar. Cross is another album that revolutionized electronic music, introducing the world to heavy, dirty synthesizers and incredibly hard smacking drums, while still maintaining their disco influenced core. Justice showed the world that heavy means good and paved the way for electronic legends like Skrillex, Madeon, and many more.

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