NMF: Week of July 18th – 24th, 2020

CLICK HERE TO JUMP TO: TOP 5 ALBUMS / EPs OF THE WEEK TOP 10 SONGS OF THE WEEK 1.) Nescience – Galdive [Electro-Pop] If you’re looking for some chill summer feels, then look no further. Nescience oozes early Louis the Child vibes. From it’s beautiful piano chord progression in the intro, to the danceyContinue reading “NMF: Week of July 18th – 24th, 2020”


5.) Someone Else – Rezz & Grabbitz This collab between Rezz and Grabbitz is a match made in heaven. I admittedly had been disappointed in a few of Rezz’s previous releases, but this track destroyed any doubts I had. Rezz’s industrial influence mixed with Grabbitz’s dark punk guitar licks create a “deadmau5-esque” banger that hasContinue reading “BEST OF APRIL: TOP 5 TRACKS OF THE MONTH”

New Music Friday (April 10th): Goose, Gorillaz and Anderson Paak

Hello my people. I’d imagine your week went as strange as mine given our current situation under quarantine. Thank god we still have good jams out there to keep us occupied and feeling good. To be honest, been completely slammed with work to the point where I had to delay this a day, but it’sContinue reading “New Music Friday (April 10th): Goose, Gorillaz and Anderson Paak”